Your Best Choice for Floodlights

Your Best Choice for Floodlights

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Floodlights are becoming a popular choice for outdoor lighting; they’re used to light large areas, like parking lots, stadiums, and street lights. There are many factors to think about when making a purchasing decision, such as durability, efficiency, and power. Creating a perfectly lit area isn’t a simple task, but an area that is underlit or overlit will be quite obvious. Continue reading to find out how to make an educated decision for your next purchase.

Floodlight Differentiations


Not all floodlights are created equal. Some flood lights are designed for different scenarios, they require more protection due to the exposure of inclement weather and temperatures. Some floodlights will have strong metal casings, and some with have a weaker plastic casing. When making any lighting purchase, and especially for outdoor lights, always double-check the IP rating to make sure it will withstand the conditions it will be located.


When evaluating any type of light, efficiency is a key factor. Purchase costs and maintenance costs are the two separate costs to determine what will be the best purchase for your environment. LEDs are always a great option due to their low maintenance costs, long lifespan, efficiency, and overall effectiveness. When looking at floodlights, solar-powered options are available and can be cost-effective since they are outside and exposed to sunlight daily. Determine whether the available power and reliance on sunlight will be effective for your situation. Lumens/Watt is the measurement of how much light you receive per watt of energy a light requires. Use this measurement to determine how efficient any lighting fixture is.


Floodlights come in many different shapes and sizes, ranging from lighting a sports stadium to lighting a pathway. It is important to pay attention to the number of lumens a floodlight has to indicate how powerful your light is. Both underlighting and overlighting an area can cause ergonomic and safety risks, so you want to make sure your floodlight is properly sized.

Our Choice

The experts at VL Lighting Solutions recommend the VFL3 LED or the VFL8 LED.

Both models have a Die-cast aluminum body with dark bronze powder coat finish, but vary slightly when it comes to the details of their usage.

Compact and versatile design, use as a floodlight or wall pack Rugged and versatile design, use as a floodlight or pole light
Ideal for general site lighting, pathways, alleys, doorways, etc Ideal for general site lighting, pathways, alleys, parking areas, etc
Ambient temperature: -40 C to +40 C Ambient temperature: -40 C to +40 C
110 lumens per watt 120 to 130 lumens per watt

*Italics denote product differentiations.

If you have any questions when it comes to your lighting solution? The experts at VL would love to help you out. Feel free to contact us today!