What is Dark Sky Compliance

What is Dark Sky Compliance

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Dark Sky compliance is when an outdoor lighting fixture passes the IDA Fixture Seal of Approval program. The IDA is the International Dark-Sky Association and is the voice for light pollution. They educate designers, manufacturers, committees and the public about controlling light pollution. They believe the best way to achieve their goal of protecting the natural night environment is through controlling outdoor lighting.

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Fixture Seal of Approval

The Fixture Seal of Approval is an objective, third-party certification for products that minimize glare, reduce light trespass and don’t pollute the night sky. The IDA certifies products that achieve their goal to preserve the dark night sky.

Why does Dark Sky Compliance matter?

The purpose of being Dark Sky Friendly is to limit the amount of blue light during the nighttime. As we know, high levels of blue light can impact sleep quality, and with the rising amount of screen time we all consume, limiting blue light in outdoor lighting fixtures is a great idea.

Blue light also causes discomfort, glare, circadian rhythm disruption, light scattering, skyglow and biological system disruption in wildlife. These lights have been shown to adversely affect wildlife reproduction and behavior. 

With this said, the Fixture Seal of Approval (FSA) requires lighting to have less than a Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) of 3000. 

However, it isn’t just about blue light. 

For example, street light’s purpose is to light the ground beneath the light. However, when a street light trespasses into a neighboring backyard, that is what we consider light trespass. The light is shining where it shouldn’t and is spreading unnecessary rays of light. To be FSA approved, a situation like this would require a light shield to limit the light trespass and light pollution.

Where to find Dark Sky Compliant lighting?

Contact us for your Dark Sky compliance needs. We will work with you to create your ideal environment while being mindful of any unwanted light trespass.

Alternatively, visit www.darksky.org for all information about light pollution and dark sky compliance.