The Top Weatherproof Lighting Fixture

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Choosing outdoor lighting fixtures can be tricky. Finding the appropriate size and power of a fixture is just as important as finding one with the appropriate weatherproof rating. We’ll be going over what to look for in this blog on the top weatherproof lighting fixture.

IP Rating

An IP rating is a rating given to any housing or casing based on the ingress protection it provides. Most commonly found on electronics, the rating is composed of 2 numbers, IPxx. The first rating represents the protection against solid objects like dust and dirt, and the second representing the liquid protection. These are important figures to look for because dust and dirt can cause damage to the main electronic unit and liquids, for obvious reasons, can ruin electronics.

If your lighting fixture will be susceptible to rain, you’re going to want a fixture rated IPx6 and up, because 6 protects against the harshest streams of water. For a full breakdown of IP Ratings, follow the link to our extended blog.

Our Choice

We recommend the Supradry Elite LED vapour tight lighting fixture. It is rated IP66, which means it’s protected against intrusion from all physical objects, as well as liquids as long as it isn’t submerged. 

This fixture is going to give you great performance and efficiency, while capable of staying protected from the elements.


  • Ideal luminaire for industrial use and parking garages (7-16’ ceilings)
  • Shatter-resistant and UV stabilized polycarbonate lens in clear or frosted
  • Weather and dustproof – IP66 gasketed
  • Easy maintenance – simply wipe off
  • Instant-on, -25C to +40C environmental temperature range
  • High colour rendering provides better vision
  • A rigid fiberglass housing with heavy-duty silicone rubber gasket poured in
  • SAE 316 stainless steel lens holding clips
  • Field replaceable Philips LED engines and drivers
  • 0-10V dimmable

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