The Operational and Economic Benefits of Using LED Lights

The Operational and Economic Benefits of Using LED Lights

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Choosing LED lights offer many benefits, both economically and operationally. Economically, LEDs are going to last longer and run more efficiently, which lowers your variable and fixed costs. Operationally, you’re going to get great lights that will get the job done. Now let’s dive a little deeper.

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Operational Benefits

Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor lighting, industrial or commercial, LEDs are the right choice. Here are 7 operational benefits of using LEDs for your situation.

  1. Unlike other light sources, LEDs don’t ‘burn out’. Instead, they slowly dim over a much longer period of time. Quality LEDs have a lifespan of about 30,000-50,000 hours and last 30x as long as incandescents and 5x longer than fluorescents.
    Simply put, LEDs last longer and therefore reduce time, effort, and costs to replace your lighting solution.

  2. In addition to their long lifetime, LEDs also don’t require a lot of electricity. They are appx. twice as efficient as other lighting sources which will save you money on your electrical bills. LEDs produce light in a specific direction rather than all around, which is less wasted light and easier to create a planned lighting strategy for any area you’d like to light.

  3. LEDs love the cold. They don’t require extra electricity getting them to start up in colder temperatures like other fixtures, and actually perform better in lower temperatures. This makes them the perfect fit for any situation in which the environment will have lower temperatures.

  4. When an LED is turned on, it is at 100% effectiveness right away. This isn’t the case for other light sources, such as fluorescents which can take up to 3 minutes to warm up and get all the way up to its maximum effectiveness. This is a big benefit for environments that can’t afford to wait minutes before getting the lighting that they expect.

  5. LEDs are also much more durable because they don’t have glass enclosures or filaments. This isn’t to say they’re invincible but much more durable than its counterparts.

  6. Traditional light sources tend to have a shorter lifespan the more they are switched on and off. This isn’t the case with LEDs, and make them the preferred choice for usages that require more cycling, such as on a sensor.

  7. LED lights are controllable. If you’re looking to have an option for your lighting to be able to dim them, LEDs are the choice for you.

Economical Benefits

So we know that LEDs can benefit your environment in many different ways, but how does a lighting source with all those abilities affect your pockets and profits? This list is much shorter.

  1. LEDs require less electricity than other lights, which saves you costs on your electrical bill. They use less electricity because they convert less electricity into heat, and so they are very efficient at converting it straight into visible light.

  2. LEDs also last longer, so you’re going to spend less time changing them, which makes you more productive.

  3. The cost of LED units aren’t that expensive in relation to their efficiency and lifespan as well.

In conclusion, LED Lights are going to cost you less long term while providing many more benefits than other lighting sources.

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