The Most Efficient Lighting for Warehouses

The Most Efficient Lighting for Warehouses

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Industrial buildings and warehouses are unique spaces. Very high ceilings, shelving units, and usually limited natural lighting. Because of the unique space, your lighting system needs to achieve more than just lighting the space. Proper lighting can reduce maintenance and energy costs, increase productivity and employee mood, and also improve workplace safety.

Saving costs

LEDs have become the standard in lighting and it’s for good reason. They have a much longer lifespan than other lighting types, which helps when the lights are in high up places as they are in warehouses. This will reduce high maintenance costs from getting up to that height to replace/clean any lighting fixtures. LEDs are also more efficient and don’t produce excess heat, which will save you money on your energy bill and allow you to widen your profits. Without heat being produced from your lighting fixtures, you may also be able to reduce your air conditioning usage in your warehouse.

Proper lighting

Because of warehouses’ high ceilings and shelving, standard lighting isn’t going to do the trick. Safety is very important in any warehouse, and poor lighting can be a major hazard. Additionally, having the correct lighting can have many positive effects on employees, including a boost in productivity and mood. Click here for our extended blog on how lighting affects productivity.

High Bay LEDs are designed to provide direct and indirect lighting from high ceilings. They create a safe working environment and reduce lighting-related hazards in the workplace.

We recommend the VL Slim Bay Elite (SBE) LED Fixture for warehouse applications. This fixture is energy efficient and designed for high-temperature areas and harsh environments. The VL SBE LED comes packed with:

  • Over 130 lumens per watt, DLC Premium qualified
  • Rugged and durable construction with die-formed 24 gauge cold-rolled steel body
  • White baked acrylic paint finish
  • High light transmission acrylic lens, clear for maximum efficiency or frosted for visual comfort
  • Rated life: L70 over 100,000 hours at 40 C
  • Field replaceable Seoul LED engine and Espen driver
  • 120-277V (UNV) or 347V also available, 0-10V dimmable

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