The Best Lighting for Traditional Office Spaces

The Best Lighting for Traditional Office Spaces

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Typical office spaces spend around 30% of their electrical bill on their lighting. Too often are these spaces fitted with easy fluorescent lighting that gets the job done, but uses up more energy than necessary and aren’t very adaptable.

What is the best lighting option?

By switching to LEDs, you get a much more adaptable lighting source, while reducing your electrical bill by as much as 50%.

Another benefit to LEDs is that you can dim them, they last longer, and can be better adapted to light different environments. This is important in an office space where different areas require different lighting conditions. The range of LED lighting colours will help mimic natural lighting which is proven to improve employee moods and productivity

Colour temperature

Of course, it’s important for office environments to be at peak efficiency. Lighting has a big part in creating an efficient setting. All lights have a ‘colour temperature’, and this temperature affects the mood the light produces for the space it lights.

A colder temperature shines a more blue light, and warm temperature will shine a more yellow light. The colder the light, the better it is for brainstorming, productivity, and quick thinking. 

Warmer lights provide a more home-comfort feeling. Make sure the lighting throughout the office isn’t uniform, and that the lights in the breakroom are warmer than in the work area. This will allow your employees to relax better while on break.

If you’d like to know more about light temperatures, read our blog on the topic here.

Our recommendation

For all office space lighting, we recommend Micron Elite Troffers. They’re a linear LED center basket troffer which has a lot to offer:

  • Shallow center basket, low profile for easy installation, 
  • IC rated
  • Ribbed white translucent diffuser for soft, even light and visual comfort  
  • High performance, DLC Premium listed, modern styling  
  • Die-formed 24-gauge cold-rolled steel body
  • Matte white, baked acrylic paint finish  
  • High reflectance white interior  Fully recessed luminaire fits standard T-grid ceilings  
  • Field replaceable Seoul LED engine and Espen driver  
  • 0-10V dimmable, easy access plate for wiring  
  • 120-277V standard, available with 347V stepdown transformer  
  • Rated life: over 100,000 hours per L70 TM-21 at 70C

To learn more about Micron Elite Troffers, click here. For any purchase inquiries, contact us here.