How Lighting Solutions Affect Employees

How Lighting Solutions Affect Employees

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In the workplace, productivity is the name of the game. Lighting affects employee productivity more than you’d think. Creating an environment that helps employees become more efficient will end up saving your company time and money. Creating a productive environment takes time and research, and there are many things to take into consideration: wall colours, meeting room sizes, desk shapes and sizes, windows, etc. However, some factors cannot be overlooked. Lighting has both physical and psychological effects on employees, and this is often underestimated when creating an office environment. Here’s why lighting is important to the workspace, and how lighting solutions affect employees’ productivity at the office and in the warehouse:

The Effects of Dim Lighting

Have you ever been in a dark room and looked at your phone which had the brightness at 100%? You feel blinded when you’re looking at something much brighter than the environment you’re in. Although an extreme example, the same can happen in a workplace where the lighting situation is dimmer than that of your computer screen. It’s important to have enough light in the workplace to relieve your eyes of the effects of an overly bright monitor.

A dim room can also cause headaches and eye strain. This is a result of the extra effort employees will exert to see their surroundings clearly. Rooms like this can additionally cause drowsiness and lower overall productivity. In a warehouse, employees need to be able to see – reduced visibility and drowsiness are dangerous in any warehouse.

The Effects of Bright Lights

Having less light certainly isn’t good for employee productivity, but having too much light can cause just as many problems.

Have you ever tried to use your phone outside in the sun? It certainly doesn’t work too well and results in the user often simply putting their phone away. In an office situation, bright lights can be distracting and pull employees’ attention away from their work.

The brightness of halogen and fluorescent lights can also give workers headaches and can be dangerous to their eyes. This type of lighting has been identified as one of the leading causes of migraines for employees. A switch to LED lighting would be a great first step in reducing headaches and improving productivity at work. That’s how lighting solutions affect employees, and here’s how to make sure your space affects them positively.

The Solution

So now you’re probably wondering, “How on earth do I get the right amount of light if both dim and bright lights can cause so many issues?”

The answer is to use a lighting professional. Mimicking the effects of natural lighting in the workplace is the best way to light your office or warehouse. The professionals at VL Lighting Solutions know how to find the right fit for each of your lighting needs in a variety of scenarios. 

By using this chart to plan your new lighting solutions, you will be able to affect your employee productivity in a positive manner.

Dim lights and bright lights will bring down productivity in your employees. The best option is to mimic natural lighting and balance lighting with the brightness of any screens in the workplace. Rooms with different purposes should have different light temperatures as well. This will further improve the psychological and emotional wellbeing of your employees when at work.

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