Energy Saving Tips for Your Business

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Founded in 1995, VL Lighting Solutions is a leading Canadian lighting manufacturer providing innovative, energy-efficient solutions for our clients’ indoor and outdoor lighting requirements. You can rely on VL lighting Solutions for superior quality and innovative designs involving optically precise commercial and industrial lighting products.

Here at VL Lighting, we look to provide you with not only the best industrial lighting solutions but also provide solutions that will help your business save money and increase profits.

First and foremost, if you don’t already use LEDs, its time to make the switch. They are the most effective and efficient light source. They have a longer life, lower maintenance costs, lower temperature, and lower energy consumption. You can read our extended blog on why you should choose LED lighting for your building here.

Instant On

Another great thing about LED’s is that they don’t take time to turn on. This allows them to be set to a sensor, where the lights only turn on if there is movement in a workspace. This will save your business money on your hydro bills when no one is in the workplace.


Make sure all your appliances and lighting fixtures have the ENERGY STAR label on them because it means that they are highly efficient and WILL save you money. Not sure what or why ENERGY STAR matters? We’ve got you covered.

Keep Your Lamps Clean

The dirty casing around lighting fixtures will block the light, which will seem like the light isn’t powerful enough. This may cause a company to scrap the dimmer and turn the lights up to use more electricity, where the simple solution would be to keep the casing clean.

Teach your Employees

By teaching your employees how to save energy, you can save energy costs from equipment being left on when unused.

Lighting is one of the easiest ways to become more efficient in your spending. It’s easy to overlook your lighting situation and glance over inefficient fixtures. Making the switch to LEDs and setting them up to be efficient is a great way to cut your costs.

If you need to upgrade your lighting situation, contact the experts at VL Lighting Solutions. We recommend the Micron Elite Troffers to light your business. Learn more about the product here.