Choosing Industrial LED Fixtures to Light Your Warehouse – a Guide

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Industrial LED fixtures are used to light large indoor spaces such as warehouses, gyms, distribution centers, and many more. They can also influence your business in many ways, such as productivity, cost, and time. In this blog, we’ll walk you through your options when lighting your space.

What are the advantages of using LEDs?


LEDs are the most efficient lighting source you can buy because they don’t produce heat. This means you use less energy and less power to produce the same amount of light another type of light will produce.

Motions sensors are a great combination with LED lighting, especially in industrial areas because you save energy when an area isn’t being used, and they turn on right when there’s activity. 

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Time & Labour

LEDs also last a lot longer than other lighting sources, resulting in less time having to replace the lights. In places such as warehouses with high ceilings, replacing lighting fixtures can be time-consuming.


LEDs perform better than other sources, and are able to be dimmed, and even coloured. For any situation, LEDs will be able to be adapted and customized for your situation. With this adaptability, LEDs can be set up to best affect the productivity of the people working under them. If you want to learn more about how LEDs affect employees, click here.

What are my options?

Depending on the layout of the area, you have some options for the type of light to choose:

High Bays

These are great for open areas, with ceilings higher than 25ft. These are used to light any arrangement of working planes, as the light dispurses and covers the entire room. They provide clear, uniform lighting with little glare. 

The high bay LED luminaires are designed for mounting heights of 18-to-60-inch and provide up to 95 percent of lumens for up to 60,000 hours. These are well designed for high ceilings (varying from 10 to 60 feet) and promise high-performance lighting of superior quality. They provide both direct and indirect lighting with continuous light. Most high ceiling lighting solutions offer additional features suitable for warehouse installations such as preventing light loss due to the accumulation of dust, shielding luminaries from damage and encouraging their maintenance.

Low Bays

These are used in similar environments, just with lower ceilings. Make sure to not choose the proper product based on your ceiling height because the lights disperse based on the height of the fixture, and using them in a wrong situation will produce unwanted results.

Linear Strip Lights

You’ve likely seen these lights around department stores and grocery stores. These lights are perfect for layouts with a lot of aisles because these strip lights light a linear path, rather than a widespread area.

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