Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Pickering, ON, VL Lighting Solutions is a leading Canadian luminaire manufacturer providing innovative energy efficient solutions for their clients’ interior and exterior lighting requirements. VL Lighting Solutions can be relied on for products of superior quality and innovative designs including optically precise commercial luminaires. VL Lighting Solutions has built its reputation on being a leader in innovative lighting solutions with the latest energy saving, LED lighting, and green technologies available in the marketplace.

Superior Quality

VL Lighting Solutions provides innovative, energy efficient, luminaire  solutions that offer superior quality and  designs.  Our team of lighting experts stay in touch with the latest trends in  lighting technology and advanced manufacturing production to offer a  range of products that meet and exceed our customers needs.  

Pricing & Delivery

VL Lighting Solutions has a reputation as a flexible and reliable supplier  fulfilling significant orders on short notice.  Our production team  works with an extensive network of local strategic component resources  that adhere to the ‘Just-In-Time’ philosophy, providing products when  promised. 

Extra Value

VL Lighting solutions products and solutions have been highly acclaimed by a large  number of well-known contractors, designers, end-users and planners.  This success is a great testimony to the outstanding performance and  exceptional quality, design and reliability of VL Lighting Solutions' product lines.